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About KRā

A real sports drink designed specifically for real athletes

In order to get optimal performance out, you have to fuel up with the very best. KRā is a sports drink created specifically for athletes who want to get the best out of everything they do. KRā is made with only a few simple ingredients, and packed full of electrolytes to help you refuel. No chemicals, artificial sweeteners, or dyes. Just real, good hydration so you can Keep Rising Above.


The KRā Squad brings together athletes from every sport at every level to create the ultimate superteam. From rising stars to superstars, weekend warriors to the next generation of youth greats, we’re creating a team that is dedicated to being the best, drinking the best, and always working to Keep Rising Above. Join the squad to connect with professional athletes, earn points for completing missions to win prizes, and rise through the ranks to earn exclusive benefits like free product shipped right to your door!

I like everything in my life to be real good. My game, my training, my beverages. That's why I drink Krā."